Rosemary Storm

"Vancouver's Sweetheart" - Canadian Icon, Red Robinson - National TV


Coming Soon: The TAO of D’OH! - How THE SIMPSONS found Rosemary, Literally In Stone, by Storm!

PALEO-HOMER! Confirmed to be over 33 million years old! The oldest existing Simpsons Collectible to be sold on the 30th Anniversary of
The Simpsons.  80% will go to Charities chosen by The Simpsons Creators.

Incalculable Odds against existing, let alone being found, let alone under two feet of freezing cold rushing water. This find can never be replicated and is Geologist Certified to have never been tooled by Man.

Official launch of Paleo-Homer was on Twitter - Sunday May 15th, 2016 when The Simpsons once again made history with Homer going live.  (#HomerLive)

Paleo-Homer was first seen on display at Vancouver (BC, Canada) HR MACMILLAN SPACE CENTRE PLANETARIUM ~ Where it all began. (See pics)

Rosie At Planetarium.jpg

Book - The TAO of "D'OH!" ... about this Amazing Story of Synchronicity and Incalculable Odds coming soon, about how THE SIMPSONS family, found Rosemary, literally Written in Stone, by Storm!

COMING SOON on Facebook: Join the "D'OH! "NATION" by making a donation by saying "D'OH" for Dough for Charity as a way for Fans to Give back in thanks for 30 amazing years of the #1 Animated TV Series in History!

CHAPTER:  WHAT'S IN A NAME? ... numbers?  synchronicity?  ... physics? .. quantum connectivity? ... astronomy? ... 



To keep Connecting The dots - Along with the moccasin, in the pics, you'll see: I brought a photo of Paleo-Homer; brought The Simpsons Family with me; wore the Simpsons Family thumbs up t-shirt; PALEO-HOMER - you can just see Homer peeking out ... 

The Simpsons' 30th Anniversary coming up in Jan 2019.


I own (and .ca)

Time to make Paleo-Homer Famous !!!!  "D'oh!"


Also see the beautiful Native Basket my godmother willed to me - nearly identical to those on display at the museum; 


I also had to bring the gorgeously carved Talking Stick I bought in 1990 - carved by Squamish Nation Elder/Chief - "Al August" - R.I.P.  (What's in a name?) ... 


August Milliken is the famous Archaeologist I grew up with ... (aka "GUS") - of The MILLIKEN PHASE of Archaeology; 

Bird Milliken is a Cosby Victim recently in The News this past week. "GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!"  (See Cosby in Stone by Storm in pics - found during first Trial.)


I bumped into Chief Dan George's Great Grand-daughter right in front of the poster of Dan George

at the Museum Entrance.   His GREAT Grand-daughter "JUSTINE" George, was on her way to see her boyfriend at the end of the block

(almost beside my place) - whose last name, happens to be, "August".  


I said, "You must know Charlene Aleck - the Chief's

grand-daughter who was on THE BEACHCOMBERS with me ..  and of course, she confirmed to obvious - "That's my mom."


Justine George's mother Charlene Aleck, (who worked with NVMA Curator Karen Dearlove putting together the Chief Dan George Exhibit, 

was in a few sweet scenes with Rosemary (Loehrich / Storm) on Canada's most famous THE BEACHCOMBERS - internationally syndicated TV Series - Episode:  "Popping The Question." I was 16; Charlene - 7.


Charlene - is Chief Dan George's Grand-daughter.   She ran for Chief of the Tseil-Waututh Trube recently.  I met the Chief growing up here on the North Shore - a few times.  He was kind and we were both professional musicians.  His mother was from the Squamish Nation - his mother, from the Tseil-Waututh Nation.  


My song called "Thieves of the August Harvest" is in The News and it's message is not going away - in fact, Dr. Sanjay Guptah is asking us to keep up the conversation - to keep up this New Attitude of marijuana as essentially the newly realized CURE, and Savior,of Opioid Addiction.


OH YES!  What's In A Name!  

And then there's GEORGE .. 


"KING" George III played an historic role in legal changes for the lives of the Indigenous Peoples.  


I happen to have been born and raised in West Van on "KING GEORGE'S WAY".


CHIEF Dan GEORGE ... Chief = King ...

His Great Grand-daughter JUSTINE GEORGE whom I bumped into right in FRONT of the huge poster of her grand-dad... 


My friend "Dan" went to see the exhibit with me the first time .. it was only while there, that he told me, his middle name, happens to be - George.


The very newly released Clint Eastwood directed movie INDIAN HORSE is very hard, but very necessary to watch - well done.  Heart-breaking.

It should be seen by all as part of school History - one short movie that pretty much says it all - and makes you appreciate just how wrong humanity can be.


Watching INDIAN HORSE teaches us an important part of history we must never forget, and further honor the Indigenous Peoples.... 

it's painful to see the Truth this movie shows, of the cultural genocide that was committed with the enforcement of entitlement that left so much pain, sorrow and death in it's wake.


The Gift of Rosemary's Archaeology By Storm Collection, is for loan to local University Archaeology Departments.  The Collection is now ready for a TEAM to correctly take an account of Inventory / Study & Classification, a rare and unique large Collection of TANGIBLE ancient paleolithic stone-tool; bone, leather and possibly wood Evidence (along with Rosemary's Forensic ART she's resurrected in these upper-paleolithic artifacts) -  up to 14,000 years of Native inhabitation - enough to prove a sizeable population and to really show the Story that is waiting to be told.


A decade of disciplined hard work and focus has overwhelmed Rosemary's home and her life and soon her completed Doctoral Thesis will accompany her Legacy offering.   


Rosemary Storm - Archaeology by Storm - The Storm Phase .. of Archaeology, will offer soon offer live-drawing seminars about the neuro-scientific phenomenon known as Pareidolia vs. The Real Thing - teaching what to look for that is predictable; how the connect the dots after the softening .. the fading of Time resurrect the Makers' Art ... who left their marks for us to find - 


... just as the triangular piece of leather I saw - sticking out from under that large boulder for so many years - was obviously an intentional ARROW - screaming "COME FIND ME!!!" 


The thrill of the Hunt .. the layers now eroding, exposing the Treasures that lie beneath.  This Collection by Storm, is hoped to make everyone who sees it, greater appreciate and by humbled by our local human history.

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