Rosemary Storm

"Vancouver's Sweetheart" - Canadian Icon, Red Robinson - National TV


BOOKS In the Works - by ROSEMARY STORM  

Publishers please contact Rosemary directly by phone only at 1-604-987-3897



  • Working Title:  “NO COMMENT.”

  1. Rosemary Storm’s Autobiography - Loehrich on Loehrich ~ Her Father’s Daughter.

    1. Working Titles will change.  

    2. Considering:  Rosemary by Storm! - A Story of Incalculable Odds and A Personal Life Study in the Laws of Quantum Manifestation and The Law of Attraction

    3. The Life of a Lesser-known Peacemaker - LIVE TO FORGIVE and let Justice be Served!


  1. The TAO of D’OH! - How THE SIMPSONS found Rosemary, Literally In Stone, by Storm!

    1. A Story of Incalculable Odds and the Power of Manifestation.  

    2. About Rosemary’s Journey with THE SIMPSONS - The #1 Animated show in History and the CHARITY that will make MILLIONS on their 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2019.  

  2. PAREIDOLIA or THE REAL THING? - The Art of Spotting and Drawing Faces in Nature

  • An Exciting and Fun New Hobby that gets you out of your Head and into THE GAP.

     5.    Rosemary Storm - Forensic Paleo-Artist; Rock-Lover and Hobby Archaeologist.


     6.   Transformational Intuitive Readings by Storm

- A Method that leaves Nothing to Chance.  

- Book your Reading with Rosemary by Skype or by Phone.


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