Rosemary Storm

"The Good Storm"
"She's BLOODY GOOD! And Webster is never EVER wrong!" - Jack Webster (R.I.P.)—Awarded for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism
"Vancouver's Sweetheart" - Canadian Icon, Red Robinson—National TV

ROSEMARY STORM - Music Teacher/Performer/Recording Artist/Producer

Honorary Member of the Pacific Songwriter’s Association and Juno Nominee,
Rosemary Storm (a.k.a. The Good Storm) loves to pay forward her decades of experience, knowledge, and expertise in Music to those who have the passion to learn.

Rosemary teaches vocals, guitar, piano, the art of songwriting, the art of the chart (no theory), repertoire building, and live performance coaching. She does so in a very fast and efficient way that sees her students improving instantly in each session, quickly moving them towards a professional career, should this be their heartfelt desire.

As a full Union Member of UBCP/ACTRA, Rosemary Storm also specializes in training Actors in the Film & Television Industry who wish to transfer their Musical Theatre skills onto the Big Screen at a time when Musicals are proving more popular than ever in Film. Special skills like singing and playing guitar or piano significantly increase an actor’s odds of landing a major role, as it did for Rosemary.

Music by Storm has proven time and again that anyone with vocal cords can reach a professional level if they have enough passion and consistency, even if they sound terrible at the start. All you need is the love of singing, and soon you will realize that you don’t have to be “gifted” to develop a wonderful sound.

Students who don’t wish to go pro just love and look forward to the fun experience of the Journey Rosemary takes you on weekly, which is exciting and addictive in only the best of ways.

While teaching is one of her great joys, Rosemary will never stop performing ...

As giving is its own reward, The Good Storm’s plan (in the not-too-distant future) is to go on America’s Got Talent to perform her song “FREEDOM,” dedicated to Troops, Veterans, and The Fallen in thanks for their immeasurable Sacrifice. By reaching ten million viewers in two short minutes, she wants to remind the world that Freedom, very simply, isn’t free, and that it is imperative for the safety of future generations that we support those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. (See three versions on Youtube, plus Aug. 18/18 live performance as part of the Honour Guard Ceremony for The Fallen)

Should she be ushered into the second round, Rosemary Storm will follow up with her most requested and healing Original, called NEW ATTITUDE!


At the tender age of 5, Rosemary was playing on stage with her ukulele for large audiences at Festivals (Yale Days), performing classic hits of the 60s, and even comedy. She went on to land principle roles in musicals, and graduated from Sentinel Secondary School with honours and a Vocal Scholarship, along with the title of Athlete of the Year. (See Youtube videos: Rosemary The Athlete).

Rosemary Storm began her professional career one week after she turned 16. Her driving instructor helped her land her first gig. On her last lesson, Rosemary brought her guitar and drove to his friend’s restaurant, where Rosemary auditioned and was immediately hired.  It was there that she began paying her dues - her very first and very well-paid job on weekends, while still in grade ten.

Within a year, before graduation, she won a Principle Acting role on Canada’s most famous TV series, THE BEACHCOMBERS. Her full episode, “Popping the Question,” was based on her character, and is still seen decades later in worldwide syndication.

Rosemary wrote and performed the theme song for that episode on the show, which was also used over the closing credits. Said to be one of the most popular episodes, hers is still seen in over 100 countries and dubbed in many languages.

Following that special experience, she went on to win the equivalent to the Idol Competitions of today: The Canadian Du Maurier Search For Stars competition, which gave her even more television exposure.  

Many TV shows would follow, including her own ½ hour Special with BCTV called CAUGHT IN THE ACT (‘83), showing her, with her band, performing her originals, interspersed with interviews. The promotion in the TV Guide read: “Rosemary! ~ Music the way it’s supposed to be. Beautiful.”


Rosemary moved to Los Angeles at age 18, and right away, she was connected to US Rep Sheldon Davis and Gene Norman of GNP Crescendo Records - the oldest Record Company in L.A. - along with (future) Emmy Winners, for whom she wrote and sang the Theme Song for the American Cancer Society (cervical), which won an award with NBC after being used in a Film Documentary for minority women, which was said to have saved lives after hearing her song.


Rosemary was forced to return home from Los Angeles when she suddenly lost her voice overnight due to vocal nodules (“nodes’’), which had developed from overuse, and she became the very first to have laser surgery in BC for this operation. Forced into silence for months, Rosemary had to learn how to speak again, unable to make a sound, even if she wanted to, fearing all the while she may never speak again, let alone sing.

Needless to say, this unforeseen development was initially devastating for Rosemary, but was later recognized to be a true blessing in disguise. The months of Silence made her an Observer of Human behaviour, unable to contribute in social settings, making her a much better songwriter and musician in the end. It even brought forth other artistic abilities like cartooning.

It still took a few years to regain her singing range, and so when teaching, she stresses the importance of vocal health and how to avoid this same fate.


In 1984, one of Rosemary’s biggest feather’s in her cap to date was her accomplishment in writing, single-handedly producing, and successfully executing a logistically complex Cause-related pursuit that she called THE PEACEMAKERS PROJECT.  

Her song entitled “(Blessed Are) THE PEACEMAKERS” was recorded with the Vancouver Symphony and over 80 top local celebrity performers(gratis), which BCTV News coverage called: “A Musical Phenomenon.”Her song and video received constant airplay on TV and across Canada on the CHUM Radio chain, just before Pope John Paul II visited the country for the first time. “(Blessed Are) THE PEACEMAKERS” was the very last piece of vinyl pressed (a 45 RPM), made in the last vinyl pressing plant in Vancouver.

They extended their deadline in order to allow time for Rosemary and Hummie Mann to complete the mastering of this enormous Project, before the plant shut down forever, due to the fact that radio stations were evolving to the next standard format: cassettes. The timing was critical, and it was a great way for this plant bring an end to that obsolescence - having their last pressing be one with the most celebrated Talent in Vancouver.

Click here for more on THE PEACEMAKERS PROJECT


… as it related to Rosemary’s Peacemaker Process and helping a Prisoner gain early release for a non-violent crime of possession due to addiction

This critical opioid issue, endangering millions of lives, comes largely (until recently) from trusted Doctors’ LEGAL prescriptions - killing more innocents than all other forms of death combined, and which continues to be, the scourge of the United States, affecting Canada to an enormous degree.

Illegal drugs pouring into the USA through Mexico from holes in the border also find their way to Canada. Ironically, many addicts who smoke cigarettes and have been heroin addicts state that, BY FAR, the hardest of all addictions to quit is the LEGAL drug of nicotine in cigarettes.

Corrupt Billionaire Pharma companies made themselves and many doctors unfathomably rich while their patients were dying from their greed - perpetuating their profits while creating more and more addicts with every passing day.

Illegal heroin (compared to prescribed equally addictive opioids reaching potentially lethal levels of tolerance) could no longer be afforded or prescribed to prevent the horrific pain of withdrawal, leading to a great many accidental overdoses all across the country, causing average housewives to turn to buying the much cheaper, but equally as effective, illegal heroin from teenagers selling it nearby out of their own kids’ high schools.


Rosemary wrote THE PEACEMAKERS song at age 21 and executed her Dream come True three years later, knowing it would only truly be effective If Pope John Paul ever came to Canada, which was then considered against all odds. She had the foresight to realize and write about the growing problem of opioid addiction, and the unjust incarcerations that came from it - destroying lives of addicted people who needed help, not violent criminals.

Never more than “today” have the song’s lyrics been more relevant, just when Prison Justice Reform is being passed on a bipartisan level, in the United States. Hopefully Canada will soon follow suit. This is everything Rosemary was fighting for so long ago, and she is now elated at finally being vindicated after formerly being vilified (more to that part of the story...).


Rosemary’s Peacemakers song was nominated for a Juno Award by well-known radio personality, Sonny Lewis of CFUN Radio. Furthermore, well-known and loved CFUN NEWS Director and Broadcaster, J.J. Richards, personally flew Rosemary’s Song and Project package to CFMO’s CHUM chain executive director, Gord Atkinson, who immediately added “THE PEACEMAKERS” to the Chum Chain playlist. Gord sent back to J.J. a wonderful letter of congratulations for this “exceptional project.” Rosemary received letters from the Premier, the Mayor, other politicians, and prominent record companies, congratulating her for bringing her project to fruition.


Rosemary got Hummie his very first job in Los Angeles when she invited him to arrange and producer her song she wrote and sang for the American Cervical Cancer Society.

Hummie was a Music Professor at UCLA who went on to win three Emmy Awards for music behind 50 years of BUGS BUNNY; Mel Brookes’ comedy Film ROBIN HOOD - MEN IN TIGHTS; and for writing the opening number for Billy Crystal for the 1992 OSCARS that Billy hosted.

Mann arranged and co-produced what became Rosemary’s song, “OBAMA’S RECESSION BLUES - The First 100 Days” (formerly The Recession Blues ‘82). Hummie wrote the score and conducted the VSO on Rosemary’s PEACEMAKERS PROJECT years later.

Recorded in L.A., Hummie also arranged and co-produced Rosemary’s song for Rick Hansen called DON’T LOOK BACK - MOTION OF THE MAN” for Spinal Cord Research, which was used on GLOBAL TV for a SPECIAL about Rick.

Star Trek’s William Shatner introduced Rosemary to perform her song live via satellite on TSN Network, shortly thereafter, at CANADA PLACE in front of every Celebrity in town lifting weights for Rick’s Cause. Rosemary’s own father was paralyzed for 14 years. She fed him for all those years before his death.

THE SCREENPLAY co-written with Film Producer OGDEN GAVANSKI - Milestone Productions

As many other musicians and celebrities have done, Rosemary performed when possible for the large population of inmates at Matsqui Penitentiary, surrounded by armed guards, the dark, dingy hell-hole where Cody was doing his time -  a double-maximum security prison. He was an “addict,” NOT a “violent” criminal. He did not deserve to be there on a 9-year sentence.

Rosemary wrote many Cody-inspired songs. Being so opposite to her in many ways, it made her “feel” in ways she’d never felt before: understanding what it’s like to live on the other side of the tracks, and helping her to appreciate her blessed upbringing by comparison. Her empathy and compassion grew exponentially, and she found inspiration in these opposites, as a writer with her need to know - and with a fascination of this man who started his life out with many parallels to Rosemary. He, too, was an excellent singer/musician, and was also scouted for Pro baseball and hockey at an early age (see Rosemary’s Sports videos on Youtube). He had a great sense of humour and was wonderful with kids. He was also labelled in negative diagnostic terms, which Rosemary studied in 3rd Year Abnormal Psychology classes.

Rosemary’s father warned her early on that Cody would end up in prison. Ironically, Cody and her father would years later become best friends when Cody regularly visited her dad in long-term care, while out on passes - her father trapped in his own prison of paralysis from a stroke.

Cody had studied her father’s books inside prison - all six Volumes of Rolf R. Loehrich’s Life Works, David Suzuki of The Nature of Things owning one of the rare sets published by the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Oxford, England).


Rosemary cathartically co-wrote her story as a Feature Film Screenplay, including many Original Songs that could still easily turn her story into a Musical for Film, which is one of her goals in the future. (All songs in screenplay recorded as demos.)

ROSEMARY’S SONG ABOUT THE WAR ON DRUGS - “Thieves of The August Harvest,” sent to President George H.W. Bush #41

Rosemary received two letters from President #41, George H.W. Bush, for sending him her song about this growing Drug scourge - the War On Drugs - called “Thieves of the August Harvest,” which speaks to the drug cartels and corruption on both sides, with her most defining lyric being:

“BOUGHT Physicians, write Prescriptions .. LEGALIZING Drug Addiction .. to justify THE LIE - they call it, “Medicine.”

(See letter and card received 5 months later, addressed to Rosemary from POTUS #41 under WHITE HOUSE CONNECTIONS.) Rosemary wrote this song in 1981 when she was barely 22 yrs old. Another “prediction,” if you will, of what was to come.


White House rep Jared Kushner has very recently announced on Hannity (Dec 10/18) that The Trump White House plan to do exactly as Rosemary’s PEACEMAKERS Cause intended: PRISON JUSTICE REFORM to give education, mentorship, and early release to NON-VIOLENT offenders, especially those who have been given overly long prison terms for “addiction” to illegal drugs.

This plan, agreed to by both parties, is allowing those who have endured long unjust prison sentences early release with much needed help to become productive members of society.  

This help prevent these NON-VIOLENT offenders from being victims of the revolving-door-syndrome and high recidivism statistics, not to mention the great financial drain on taxpayers to keep them in jail where their money would so much better be served by helping them get successfully reintegrated into society after suffering the devastating effects caused by being institutionalized.

OBAMA WHITE HOUSE - Rosemary’s CD - SONGS IN THE NEWS 2009 - Songs for Peace and Freedom

Rosemary wrote about this and Fed Ex’d a large box to President Obama filled with her CD that she recorded in support of his new Presidency, which arrived at his White House “on” his 100th day in Office. (See picture of box that Obama Administration sent to Rosemary under WHITE HOUSE CONNECTIONS).

She sent 50 signed copies of her Obama CD to each of Obama’s family members (including the guy who walked their dog). The CD is called “SONGS IN THE NEWS - 2009 - Songs for Peace and Freedom,” featuring “OBAMA’S RECESSION BLUES - The First 100 Days” (see Youtube National Report Card animation).  

Rosemary painstakingly researched and wrote personal notes to each and every member of the Obama White House staff (all of those were sent back eight years later, presumably undistributed to the Staff for all those years). (See box in pictures under WHITE HOUSE CONNECTIONS)

OBAMA’s Administration kept the information binder Rosemary sent to Obama regarding her helping Cody gain early release through guiding him through writing his case-history (re-education through self-awareness, setting an example of first steps towards prison reform). That was kept along with every Obama CD signed to Malia, Sasha, Michelle, Barack, his grandmother, and their dog walker.

For some unknown reason, none of the others signed to White House staff were distributed and instead held back for the entire time Obama held office.

TRUMP TOWER - “1999” - What are The Odds? SYNCHRONICITY to the NTH Degree

Two decades ago,  in “1999,” Rosemary Storm took herself to New York for the first time to celebrate her 40th birthday - October 31st, Halloween day. (One day after Ivanka Trump’s October 30th birthday.)

There, she saw a building that reminded her of a guitar neck and a piano keyboard. A metal sculpture of The World was in front of it. To her, it screamed: “Take the World by Storm!”

She chose this photo that she took herself with no knowledge at the time of what building it was - nor when she chose to use it for her very first CD cover out of ENDLESS possibilities, after a decade of writing, honing, and producing her very first CD with Angel Investors giving over $100,000 towards its completion over that time, with no pressure to repay - only to pay FORWARD her Gift of Music by continuing to “give.”

Rosemary’s original title cut for the cover of her “COLLECTION” CD, is called “NEW ATTITUDE!”

The building ... happens to be Trump Tower.

What are the Odds of her first CD being pressed SO long ago in “1999” being Trump Tower, when ten years later, her SECOND CD pressed (two of only two) having OBAMA on that cover, featuring a song and Youtube video called OBAMA’S RECESSION BLUES - The First 100 Days (an animation of Obama’s National Report Card, encapsulating his first 100 days in office).

The “ODDS” are, very simply, “INCALCULABLE.”

PREDICTING THE FUTURE? Many have said that Rosemary has (by accident or design?) done just that

Here we have a Story of a female Canadian Recording Artist with only TWO fully produced CDs, with a three time Emmy Award Winner on many of her songs, and both CDs of which have references/pictures to Presidents of the United States on the covers.  

Occurring in REVERSE order of their Presidential reigns, these two Presidents converging at a time in history where all of the SONGS Rosemary wrote so long ago (but will have NEVER been FORMALLY RELEASE TO THE WORLD until 2019) are more relevant TODAY than they were when most of these songs were written by Rosemary, at the young adult age of 21.

Somehow, Rosemary so early on had foresight and wisdom beyond her years that are reflected in her lyrics she acknowledged as dangerous problems back then to be addressed, but which took over 30 years to reach a level of danger such than the related issues can no longer be avoided.

Rosemary Storm never set out to be “POLITICAL,” and she still feels she is NOT political. She does, however, CARE deeply about humanity and about the fate of future generations.

It just so happens that fate brought her to this WHITE HOUSE CONNECTIVE DESTINY as a Singer/Songwriter, meant to leave the world her legacy of timeless songs that sing so loudly to remind us all that History repeats itself, if we take no action towards solving these potentially deadly problems.

There is a SOLUTION to EVERY Problem.The only difficulty is in FINDING it.

“BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS .. for They shall be called, The Children of God.”

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