Rosemary Storm

"The Good Storm"
"Vancouver's Sweetheart" - Canadian Icon, Red Robinson - National TV
(Rosemary Storm has) “One the very best voices ever to come out of Canada!” - Susan Jacks, Canada's Hall of Fame / viaRick Pesklavitz

Since the day Trump announced his run for President, (and with her fascination for THE ART OF THE DEAL), Rosemary Storm has been actively engaged in a daily hobby that is The study of Trump Psychology. (

This is also largely due to the fact that WAY back in "1999", (after a decade of hard focused work to complete) Rosemary produced her first CD with the title cut "NEW ATTITUDE" on the cover, which happens to be a picture of Trump Tower in New York, which she took herself on her 40th Birthday - not even knowing it was in fact, Trump Tower.  She still did not know that building she chose for her cover was Trump Tower WHEN she CHOSE the cover.

A decade LATER, you will see, that Rosemary Storm's second pressed CD, happens to have President OBAMA on the cover of her "SONGS IN THE NEWS - 2009" - cd - Songs for Peace and Freedom, featuring, OBAMA'S RECESSION BLUES - The First 100 Days (the animation of which you can view on YOUTUBE, and which received FIVE Youtube "HONORS" in its first days of release.

The ODDS are INCALCULABLE that one CANADIAN Music Artist, Write, Producer, would have TWO United States Presidents referenced on the covers of her only two pressed CDs (which cost over 100 thousand to create over 3 decades.)

Rosemary sent every member of the Trump Family (see THE WHITE HOUSE connections button) individually signed copies of a bundle to each family member, BOTH Storm's OBAMA cd and her "1999" Trump Tower CD.  Trump always says, "You have to have a "Vision" and you have to be able to "GET IT DONE!" ... Rosemary signed the future POTUS' Trump Tower cd: "MY VISION.  I GOT IT DONE!"

The Fed Ex proof of the timing of this package being accepted when FED EX'd to Trump Tower - (given "SPECIAL HANDLING" status, is under The White House connections - showing that Rosemary sent it on her 2016 birthday - October 31st - ONE DAY AFTER Ivanka's Oct. 30th birthday, and the package arrived as a "belated birthday gift" to the entire TRUMP FAMILY, in C/O Ivanka as a "belated birthday gift" which arrived on November 1st - ONE WEEK BEFORE the Election.

The fact that Rosemary's Trump Tower CD was finally pressed an entire DECADE "before" Obama became President, is mind-boggling and even surreal.  

Some believe she foresaw the future with this Odds-Against "Happening" .. others say "... the planets are aligning" .. and others call it "SYNCHRONICITY" to the Nth Degree!


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