Rosemary Storm

"The Good Storm"
"She's BLOODY GOOD! And Webster is never EVER wrong!" - Jack Webster (R.I.P.)—Awarded for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism
"Vancouver's Sweetheart" - Canadian Icon, Red Robinson—National TV

"A Musical Phenomenon!"

-BCTV News


2017 World Peace & Freedom Tour … by Storm!

Internationally Acclaimed Canadian,  ROSEMARY STORM will be launching her World Peace Tour in 2017, with her Songs for Peace and Freedom, Dedicated to Troops, Veterans, and Families of the Fallen, in Thanks for their immeasurable Sacrifice.  

Rosemary has in the past performed for distinguished Members of The United Nations, NATO and the U.S. Marine Corps (Hawaii), and wishes to show her support most of all, for our brave Canadian Troops.  (Please see all three YouTube video versions of her special song, FREEDOM (with 3X Emmy Award WInner, Hummie Mann) - (Original version for The United Nations; 2nd for Canadian Troops and most recently, with Dr. Martin Luther King’s “FREE AT LAST” excerpt from his famous I HAVE A DREAM speech).

Rosemary is intent upon fulfilling MUHAMMAD ALI's World Peace Tour dream that had to be cancelled due to his Parkinson’s syndrome in ‘84 when Ali wanted to use Rosemary’s recording called (BLESSED ARE) THE PEACEMAKERS, as the Theme for his Peace Tour.  

Storm’s song, THE PEACEMAKERS, which was inspired by the historic May 13th, 1981 Papal Act of immediate “FORGIVENESS” by Pope John Paul II to his would-be assassin, was recorded (gratis) with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and over 80 Award-WInning Canadian Artists who sang in the chorus.  BCTV NEWS covered the successful Project, and called it  “A MUSICAL PHENOMENON” - (BCTV NEWS ANCHOR, Tony Parsons.)  (See News footage posted.)

Ali’s intention was to travel with Rosemary to perform her song with a group of children of all ethnicities, to meet World Leaders as Ambassadors for Peace, International Love & Brotherhood under the Umbrella of FORGIVENESS.   

Storm’s hope is that Billy Crystal and Hummie Mann (who won one of his Emmy Awards for Producing Crystal’s 1992 Oscars song-Opener) will be at her side, promoting Crystal’s "PEACE THROUGH THE PERFORMING ARTS" Foundation, along with Rosemary’s CAUSE for THE PEACEMAKERS PROJECT - The RE-EDUCATION of YOUNG OFFENDERS & YOUTH AT RISK in an Effort to PREVENT TERRORISM.   Storm also hopes to team up with MARYUM ALI - Mohammed Ali’s eldest daughter, to join the Tour in representing her beloved father.  Rosemary was also a boxer - the only female boxer in the city at the time, and she also helped a man get early release from a long prison sentence on a non-violent drug-related offense, a similar story to what Maryum experienced on the TV Hit Series, “60 Days IN”.

Never before has the importance of Rosemary’s PEACEMAKER PROJECT been more relevant, more IN THE NEWS; and as meaningful as her message and Cause is TODAY - in this day ‘n age of unprecedented danger from the scourge of global terrorism.  

THE PEACEMAKERS song speaks to those in the position of being ‘Peacemakers’ who were and will always be, TARGETS of assassination.  The ORIGINAL version sings about President Reagan being shot (see letter of Thanks from U.S. President Reagan); the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, (see letter from THE VATICAN to Rosemary directed by the Pope), and the assassination of John Lennon.   The NEW version of the song published in Rosemary’s COLLECTION cd includes Ghandi, Abraham LIncoln, Dr. King and John Paul, “And BENAZIR BHUTTO - A BULLET TO ALL .. they open our eyes to the rise and the fall .. of Every PEACEMAKER, in Their Final Call.” - R. Storm.

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