Rosemary Storm

"The Good Storm"
"She's BLOODY GOOD! And Webster is never EVER wrong!" - Jack Webster (R.I.P.)—Awarded for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism
"Vancouver's Sweetheart" - Canadian Icon, Red Robinson—National TV

                                                             - Oprah Winfrey.

THE OPRAH FACTOR:  The Law of Synchronicity in Play

"There ARE no accidents." 


- Oprah's VERY first show:  One of Oprah's PRODUCERS - Chris McWatt was on that show: 


Rosemary Storm met him at Club Med (Cancun) not knowing he worked for Oprah and Rosemary shot hoops with him (he seemed fairly impressed as she did win an all-guy's competition at school for foul shots and 3 pointers), who gave a week at the trendy resort for each of the crew who worked on Oprah's show covering Club Med. 


McWatt saw Rosemary perform (watch for posts of those actual performances under THIS button!) in those videos, he's in my audience and she saw him later in that same show, dance some hip-hop break-dance style - quite impressively, I might add!


Out of respect, Rosemary didn't want to push for WHOM this celebrity was he said he worked for so only at the end of their having gotten to know each other, did he let her know it was Oprah. Rosemary asked him "What is the question you get most about her?" Sadly, the Ans: "How's her WEIGHT!?"  


- Rosemary CALLED Chris at the number he gave her and he opened with OPRAH!  

At Club Med, Rosemary also did a stunt onstage with the very stuntman who played "JASON" Character on HALLOWEEN (and Halloween DAY, is Rosemary's Birthday!).


KIM HALLUM (JASON) gave Rosemary a rare pin of his JASON FACE - signed (she still has it.)  


OPRAH PRODUCER Chris Mcwatt will remember this .. the girl he called "IS THIS ROSEMARY!?!  ROSEMARY from CANADA?!?"  


- Years after, O's PERSONAL TRAINER - Bob Greene called Rosemary from Chicago, having found her on Lavalife.  He will remember sending her his ONLY existing copy of himself on a podium.  He told Rosemary he played guitar.  They never met.  He said he might be going on to work more with Oprah.  She made him a HUGE Star.

An ex of Rosemary's was jealous and destroyed the pictures and letter Bob sent her, but Bob Greene would remember those pics he sent oh so long ago, as it was THE only pic of him on a podium after his marathon.  Very handsome.  


- Rosemary Sent her OBAMA Cd to her and her best friend Gayle.  No reply.

- She's IN the OBAMA'S RECESSION BLUES - The First 100 Days video (5 YouTube HONORS in it's first days of release


- Rosemary sent O her COLLECTION cd with TRUMP TOWER on the cover, and never got a reply.  


Oprah's site said that anyone who contacts them WILL get a response within 3 months.  Rosemary has never received a single response from three packages sent, including the Obama CD.  


Oprah DID quote, however, the EXACT last line of Rosemary's song FREEDOM that's ON that Ltd Edition CD at the VERY END of one of her shows about Troops being interviewed about their progress and successes in Iraq that the media couldn't share as it would have put all their lives in danger. She said at the end of the show, looking directly into the TV camera:  To the Veterans and Troops - "THANK YOU .. WE THANK YOU ... FOR YOUR SACRIFICE .. MY FRIENDS."


- O is Thanked by Rosemary on Storm's COLLECTION CD with Trump Tower on the cover (a pic she took on her 40th Birthday in Manhattan), under the Special Thanks section, for inspiring her single NEW ATTITUDE!  

- NEW ATTITUDE is THE song Rosemary want to become most known and loved for.  Means the most to her.  Positive, up-tempo, healing ... non controversial ...

- OBAMA gave what Rosemary would like to think of as a SHOUT OUT when he said during a speech she caught, "MY NEW ATTITUDE is PAYING OFF!!!"  (The clip is in Rosemary's Diary of a Lesser-Known Peacemaker.)


- O is thanked in Rosemary's VIDEO of her song "FREEDOM" with Martin Luther King's speech in it along with a note about Oprah as Executive Producer with Brad Pitt on Selma which was nominated for many awards and won Best Picture if I'm not mistaken.  Great movie.  Oprah played a role in it.


- Rosemary has been studying Oprah's shows for years - taking copious notes of exact quotes in preparation to write and record SONGS FOR OWN - encapsulating Oprah's Legacy, in song .. singing her own words back to her, just as Storm did with Pope John Paul, the moment he forgave his would-be assassin Mehmet Ali Agca while in prison serving his time.  That moment of IMMEDIATE FORGIVENESS was WITH THE BULLET STILL INSIDE POPE JOHN PAUL'S CHEST.  


- Eckhart Tolle lives in Vancouver.  Oprah bought a home in West Van (as did Michael Jordon, Shaquil O'Neil, Robert Redford and others ... and Rosemary is FROM West Vancouver - born and raised.  


Rosemary went to WEIGHT WATCHERS last summer.  She'd written a song for WW years earlier - MANY actually - decades even, and Oprah is mentioned TWICE in two verses, referencing in Storm's latest edits, her shows on how a BRA can change your life and how important the quality of your POO is!!!  Rosemary performed it at Weight Watchers during a meeting.  Everyone laughed as she knew they would.  Then she called WEIGHT WATCHERS HEAD OFFICE and performed it over the PHONE for them - the lady laughed her head off and practically begged Rosemary to post it on YouTube.  She had every intention of doing that.  She didn't. Rosemary was intent upon LOSING TEN POUND ON US!  (which she did) and WHILE Storm was still ON the program, OPRAH bought an ENORMOUS number of SHARES in Weight Watchers, and overnight the stock SHOT up and she made 65 million.  Rosemary has all the docs showing the TIMING of all this unfolding. 


- Oprah is SEEN animated in my OBAMA'S RECESSION BLUES - The First 100 Days VIDEO on YouTube - seen as both a very fit skinny Cheerleader, as well as an ANGEL, floating around Obama's whole family.  

Rosemary is a teacher.  Oprah loves teachers. 


Rosemary am about to send Trump many signed copies of her CD with TRUMP TOWER on the COVER that she pressed in 1999, and sent 5 copies to Donald and his Legal Team, having realized that the pic she took herself and chose as her cover was, in fact, Trump Tower.  But Rosemary realized and remembered that only AFTER the fact of the PRESSING - no going back and she loves how Trump Tower looks like a guitar neck and with THE WORLD in front of it, it made sense immediately - "TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM!!!"  


Rosemary took that picture of Trump Tower in Manhattan, N.Y., on her 40th Halloween Day birthday - 17 years ago.  Trump is about to receive dozens of copies BEFORE the U.S. Election, and Oprah is still in the SPECIAL THANKS section - only 1000 pressed (some of which Rosemary sent her - and again - no reply) - there is proof of this being the VERY FIRST and ONLY pressing.  There aren't many left and are now COLLECTORS ITEMS .. soon be up for AUCTION on EBAY.

Rosemary sent Oprah & Oprah's best friend GAYLE her OBAMA CD. Oprah got on board when she saw and heard Trump giving Hillary a NOT so-resounding endorsement: "You don't have to LIKE her People, but we have no choice." (Suddenly, Oprah realizes they DID have a choice and NOW she says "We can take a deep breath now" - HAPPY that Trump is giving her and millions like Chappelle and the like, HOPE. The Silent Majority Spoke.


From Famous Canadians of


By Rosemary Storm


"A musically brilliant tribute to President Obama from the West Coast's favorite chanteuse."

                                                - William Deverell, Author
Winner of the Dashiell Hammett Award for Literary                                           Excellence in North American Crime Writing


"Rosemary's song "Obama's Recession Blues" couldn't be more timely.  In her powerful voice it expresses the mood of millions of people, yet it brings hope to them by using Obama's actual words. Those words reinforce the world's faith in his actions."

                                                Robert Bateman
Canada's most prized Wildlife Artist and Environmentalist

"Rosemary, your song (Obama's Recession Blues) is right on the money! Good job."

                                                - Robbie Buchanan
                                                    L.A./ Vancouver Producer, Composer, Musician to the Stars. 


 “Great vocals, soulful, very Detroit, Aretha Franklenish. Great horn arrangement. Very spirited and energetic record.  Very clever and obviously topical lyric - easily relatable and also delivered in a sly, irreverent style.

Great record, Awe inspiring. Rosemary, you nailed it, big time!"


                                                -  Dan Hill
                                                                                            Highest earning songwriter in Canadian History                                                                            Recording Artist, and Author. 


"Bright, beautiful, versatile and unstoppable, Rosemary Storm is a rare songsmith who sings as well as she writes."


                                                - Alan Twigg
Author/ Publisher


"I don't think you really really really know how good you are."


                                                - James Purcell
                                                    Gemini Award Winning Actor for Best Performance by an                                                    Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role "Counterstrike."

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