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"The Good Storm"
"She's BLOODY GOOD! And Webster is never EVER wrong!" - Jack Webster (R.I.P.)—Awarded for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism
"Vancouver's Sweetheart" - Canadian Icon, Red Robinson—National TV


From Famous Canadians of


By Rosemary Storm


"A musically brilliant tribute to President Obama from the West Coast's favorite chanteuse."

                                                - William Deverell, Author
Winner of the Dashiell Hammett Award for Literary                                           Excellence in North American Crime Writing


"Rosemary's song "Obama's Recession Blues" couldn't be more timely.  In her powerful voice it expresses the mood of millions of people, yet it brings hope to them by using Obama's actual words. Those words reinforce the world's faith in his actions."

                                                Robert Bateman
Canada's most prized Wildlife Artist and Environmentalist

"Rosemary, your song (Obama's Recession Blues) is right on the money! Good job."

                                                - Robbie Buchanan
                                                    L.A./ Vancouver Producer, Composer, Musician to the Stars. 


 “Great vocals, soulful, very Detroit, Aretha Franklenish. Great horn arrangement. Very spirited and energetic record.  Very clever and obviously topical lyric - easily relatable and also delivered in a sly, irreverent style.

Great record, Awe inspiring. Rosemary, you nailed it, big time!"


                                                -  Dan Hill
                                                                                            Highest earning songwriter in Canadian History                                                                            Recording Artist, and Author. 


"Bright, beautiful, versatile and unstoppable, Rosemary Storm is a rare songsmith who sings as well as she writes."


                                                - Alan Twigg
Author/ Publisher


"I don't think you really really really know how good you are."


                                                - James Purcell
                                                    Gemini Award Winning Actor for Best Performance by an                                                    Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role "Counterstrike."



December 24, 2015:


From Alan Twigg ... 
Author/Publisher of BC BOOKWORLD:


    • March 2016 Recipient of Lieutenant Governor General’s Award for 

   Excellence in Literature.

    • 2014 Recipient of The Order Of Canada


Subject: REVIEW of Rosemary Storm’s CD of Xmas Songs ... 


Dear Rosemary ~


It would not be right for me to refrain from telling you how much
I am so, so, so taken by these Christmas renditions. They are so mature. Absolutely terrific singing and dignified arrangements. They are moving in the way we would all like Christmas to be. 


I especially enjoyed Old Toy Trains because I've never heard it before. I would not be at all surprised if you wrote it. I don't think I have ever heard you sounding better. These songs are centered and calm, attractive as a crackling fire. I am almost envious that you can sing and play so well. 


All your years of hard work ring true in these beguiling renditions, Rosemary. Real songs, real singing. It feels almost rare these days. These songs come across as a gift, not as an attempt to impress, so they have a timeless quality. 


Maybe you don't feel these songs are that special, but they are consistently appealing - something the listener can return to. 


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. - Alan

Alan Twigg honored Governor General's Award March 23, 2016 - The SUN Newspaper

Order of Canada / Lieutenant Governor General Award recipient / Author/Publisher of BC BOOKWORLD - ALAN TWIGG, at Rosemary's home, holding The VERY FIRST Edition of one of the most famous books ever written by George Orwell - ANIMAL FARM.

Animal Farm is said to be THE most published and the most translated book in history - after The Bible - bequeathed to Rosemary's dear friend Alan, by the man George Orwell gifted it to (see signatures inside the book).   

Alan Twigg wrote the wonderful review you see posted, of Rosemary's Xmas Album.  Please feel free to listen to all of Rosemary's posted music - for FREE!   

(But please feel free to choose the "BUY" option - Rosemary needs new teeth! - Many Thanks to all Supporters$ of my work.  Hope you enjoy my songs/recordings!)

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