Rosemary Storm

"The Good Storm"
"She's BLOODY GOOD! And Webster is never EVER wrong!" - Jack Webster (R.I.P.)—Awarded for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism
"Vancouver's Sweetheart" - Canadian Icon, Red Robinson—National TV


Rosemary's history of live performance is vast including the top Restaurant Lounges in Vancouver.

Highlights include her Biggest Win of all - being the very FIRST ever to perform in Vancouver's most Historic, Canada Place - The Pan Pacific Waterfront Hotel when she beat out every top player in the country who auditioned for this prestigious Grande Opening during Expo.

Another regular live piano/guitar gig she played during Expo and beyond has been at The Salmon House On The Hill which boasts the best view of Vancouver and high end cuisine - a favorite of Bryan Adams and his Producer Jim Valance whom Rosemary saw frequently in her audience along with other Celebrities and high-security audiences such as The United Nations and NATO.

At the tender age of 17, Rosemary wrote, arranged and produced the American Cancer Society Theme Song in Los Angeles.  She called (the now) THREE-time Emmy Award Winner, HUMMIE MANN to Arrange the Award-Winning commercial / documentary which was his very first hire having just moved to L.A. that same week.  Hummie has worked with her at no charge ever since and his arrangements have taken her Original songs for important Causes to a new level, giving them a rare class of their own.

At age 16, Rosemary was the youngest winner of The Canadian Du Maurier Search for Stars Competition - chosen from over ten thousand applicants Nation-wide, the equivalent back then, to the Idol Competitions of today. This huge win gave Rosemary a television career with Global, CBC, CTV and BCTV alongside already on International Television, co-Starring on her own episode of Canada's longest running syndicated TV Series in Canadian history, THE BEACHCOMBERS.  Rosemary's role as "Ginger" in "POPPING THE QUESTION" is still seen in over 100 countries and considered one of the most popular episodes produced.

Storm's persistence in honing her multiple talents have ripened over the decades to produce a smooth and polished sound that is extremely rare to come-by considering how many years it takes to mature in this difficult creative field.  At this time in 2016, Rosemary is planning her World PEACE & FREEDOM TOUR to perform for TROOPS and VETERANS as priority.

Back in the day, when Storm just went only by her first name, "Rosemary", she single-handedly Produced her project called THE PEACEMAKERS, which she arranged to be recorded with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and over 80 of Vancouver's Cream of the Crop Talent, for which he made News Headlines seven times in two months, receiving National Airplay, witnessed by her dear friend LEON BIBB who recently left this world.   Leon called to congratulate her, hearing her song everywhere he went on his national tour, and on which he also sang and was interviewed about on BCTV who called Rosemary's Project"....A Musical Phenomenon."  - (Tony Parsons).

As for Rosemary's CD's, she Wrote, Arranged, Produced, and even Engineered, virtually every note you hear on 'The Rosemary Storm Collection Vol. I & II,' when she wasn't playing the instruments herself,  with only the best Vancouver lead performers playing on her tracks - and all, gratis.

She received letters from Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan for this enormous and successful solo Effort she Produced at age 24, having written the song the day Pope John Paul II was shot - May 13, 1981, within months of President Reagan being shot, and John Lennon being assassinated.  Her Cause, which is now in the forefront of conversations with world-leaders today, was/is for the RE-EDUCATION OF YOUNG OFFENDERS and YOUTH AT RISK in an effort to Prevent Terrorism.  This is EXACTLY what world-leaders are speaking to, 30 years after Rosemary predicted this important need to address, now that ISIS has become the biggest threat to Freedom as we know it.

Rosemary's song "FREEDOM" (three versions - the most recent speaking to Oprah Winfrey's "SELMA" Oscar nomination, juxtaposing Dr. Martin Luther King's FREE AT LAST excerpt and quote of his, stating that he would have willingly set aside his passive-resistance to fight the Nazi menace - noting uncharacteristically and to the surprise of many, that there IS indeed a time and place for Military Might.

Rosemary sacrificed a "commercial" career in order to put all of her time, money and energy towards using her hard work to write and record songs for important Causes like Rick Hansen's Spinal Cord Research (see her song DON'T LOOK BACK - MOTION OF THE MAN on Youtube among others.

She continues to perform locally to keep her discipline honed, so watch for her live performances on the North Shore where she lives, and at other Vancouver venues while you can!


Rosemary is now preparing for her upcoming WORLD PEACE & FREEDOM TOUR, to Take the World by Storm!

To contact Rosemary, please note that she only communicates by telephone and voice-mail - never by email nor texting.

CONTACT ROSEMARY at:  604-987-3897

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